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Complete Gourmets Personal Chef Service
is the perfect gift for:

 Holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries

 People recuperating from illness or surgery

 New moms and dads

 Active seniors

 Housewarming gifts

Personal chef services

 Free Consultation: We will discuss your culinary likes and dislikes, determine the type of weekly service that best fits your needs, and discuss any additional dietary concerns or goals you may have.

 Meal Planning: We will design a custom meal plan based on your preferences and on your choices from a menu of delicious and healthy meals.

 Personalized Cook Day: On your cook day, the chef will come to your home with fresh groceries and use his own equipment to prepare your meals, thus providing you with the best quality and highest achievable level of food safety. The entres will be carefully packaged, labeled and refrigerated; detailed heating instructions are provided for your convenience. Container services may be chosen from either disposable, microwave safe containers or glass bakeware. Fees for containers will be assessed at your consultation and will vary according to the menu size and service chosen. When the cooking is finished, your kitchen will be left in the same beautiful condition in which it was found, and your home will be filled with wonderful aromas.