Delicious and healthy meals using the freshest and finest ingredients

Maryland Crab Cakes with
Roasted Red Pepper Puree

Asiago Polenta

Roasted Asparagus with
Caramelized Shallot Confit

Cabernet Braised Beef Brisket

Quartered Red Skin Potatoes

Pearl Onions, Baby Carrots,
Diced Tomatoes

Pork Loin au Poivre in
Peppercorn Brandy Sauce

Wild Rice Pilaf

Fresh Steamed Green Beans with
Red Pepper Strips

Sample menus

Mediterranean Chicken Roulades filled with Pesto, Sundried Tomatoes, and
Smoked Provolone

Couscous with Pine Nuts and Fresh Basil

Julienne Vegetable Trio sautéed in Herb Infused Olive Oil